Careers at Grosvenor

Diversity and Inclusion

At Grosvenor, we focus on cultivating an inclusive work environment where we value diversity and everyone is given a fair go!  Diversity of thought is what drives Grosvenor’s innovative approach to our people, contractors and clients’ ever changing needs.

At Grosvenor, our objective is to ensure we:

  • Recruit, select and place the most suitable people, based on factors such as skills, qualifications and abilities, not on irrelevant attributes or characteristics.
  • Provide meaningful and rewarding work for all employees.
  • Provide opportunities for training and development so that individuals can aspire and grow into positions within their capabilities.
  • Recognise and respect individuality and provide opportunities for them to express their initiative, ability and creativity.
  • Provide an equitable, fair and competitive structure of rewards and benefits to all employees.
  • Treat every employee fairly and equitably to create a high level of morale and a climate for the most effective individual and business performance