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We have over 25 years of benchmarked data from technical assets across 19,000 buildings, nation-wide. This provides our clients with real-data knowledge to facilitate Operational and Capital Expenditure budget and life cycle management planning.

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Same expenditure. Better outcomes.

Get Actionable Insights for your property

Commercial buildings are continuously generating valuable data, from the equipment or Operational Technology (OT) that enable, and sustain the occupant’s standard of living and experience. OT is the important equipment or assets your building relies on to operate – such as elevators, lighting, HVAC, power meters, surveillance, access control and fire alarms.

Most often, this data evaporates out of your building and disappears.
Lost data means a loss of opportunity and increased reactive OT equipment maintenance impacting OPEX and CAPEX spend.

Learn how through Grosvenor Actionable Insights solution, we extract OT data, refine it and create actionable insights which are precise maintenance adjustments to realign building performance.

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Grosvenor’s Actionable Insights Solution

We create knowledge out of data

Our Asset Resource Management System (ARMS), provides online visibility of all asset life cycle data via easy to read, customised dashboards. Streaming live data, our client portal enables real-time tracking and benchmarking of equipment and site performance.


Features include:

• Works alongside existing ERP systems and processes
• 24/7 access to data
• Web-based business intelligence dashboards
• Automated and exception-based reporting
• Access via PC or smart phone via App

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Our latest innovations

IAQM Indoor Air Quality
Monitoring System

Our unique Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Service (IAQMS) utilises an Internet of Things (IOT) platform to actively track conditions to improve the quality of air in the built environment. IAQMS tracks nine important air quality parameters in real-time including temperature, humidity, lighting levels, sound, CO2, VOC, particulates, air flow and occupancy.

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