Grosvenor leads the way
with data-driven building solutions

Through our Data-Knowledge-Action methodology, Grosvenor has developed a suite of integrated tools that use latest technology to help our clients manage their assets better.

This suite includes the Cycle of Service Innovation (COSI)-Grosvenor’s own integrated management system, our custom built ERP-Asset Resources Management System (ARMS) including our unique client portal ARMSonWeb, and the Grosvenor Energy Management System (GEMS).

Cycle of Service Innovation (COSI)

The COSI  integrates all aspects of service delivery, and is a critical part of every task we undertake. It links into every level of our business operations and ensures that we consistently deliver the expected levels of quality and service. The COSI process bridges traditionally siloed business functions to ensure day-to-day work activities are coordinated effectively, and that comprehensive and consistent records are maintained for each resource being managed.  The COSI process enables us to work proactively to deliver key benefits to our clients including lower total cost of ownership, fewer unplanned maintenance events, and happier tenants working and living in a more sustainable environment.

Asset Resources Management System (ARMS)

Grosvenor’s Asset Resource Management System (ARMS) is a custom-built ERP and integrated repository for asset data. ARMS houses vast amounts of data about each piece of equipment and its performance history. The software is the engine behind the ARMSonWeb client portal, your personalised access point for the rich array of information on your assets. By referencing this real time and historic data, we are able to predict future service and maintenance requirements through a combination of advanced analytics algorithms driven by highly skilled professionals.

ARMS is developed and maintained in-house, which provides us the ability to customise reports, create data flows for customised dashboards, and integrate with your work order and asset management systems.

Client Web Portal

Our Client Web Portal is available 24/7 and provides you with real-time online visibility of all asset life cycle data, down to work order level, via easy to read dashboards which stream data live.

The value of ARMSonWeb is that it empowers Facility Managers by providing knowledge to make better-informed decisions, whilst giving senior management the tools to track and benchmark equipment and site performance. It also allows easy exporting of data into your own asset management system.

Grosvenor Energy Management System (GEMS)

More and more clients are realising the value of benchmarking their building performance and GEMS is our energy management and reporting package, designed specifically to manage your building’s NABERS rating.

GEMS sends daily, weekly, and monthly NABERS performance reports and is a seamless system that integrates into Grosvenor’s delivery of asset maintenance and lifecycle management services.

The simple to read reports clearly identify the daily and yearly energy performance, temperature, hourly consumption, peak and base load and power factor allowing you easy access to business critical performance information.

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