Grosvenor leads the way
with data-driven building solutions


Man-made, Energy and Machine data generated by technicians, smart meters and remote monitoring of hard technical services is inputted into Grosvenor’s Asset Resource Management System (ARMS). This data is transformed into knowledge with an easy-to-understand dashboard (ARMSonWeb) for building owners and managers. Building owners can access historical data on the performance of their buildings and assets.

This data is transformed to knowledge via the ARMS platform and our customised reporting. Building managers can prioritise their work on the worst performing assets and buildings. It also predicts future maintenance requirements so building managers can develop suitable workplans and prioritise critical works to ensure their buildings perform all-year-round.

Reports can be accessed real-time via the online portable ARMSonWeb or emailed directly to the property manager. Quotes can be automatically created to streamline efficiency and minimise administration burdens – approval and progress can be tracked online.

One of the key benefits is ARMSonWeb can work alongside your business’ existing ERP systems and processes. This saves time and energy by streamlining workflow and ensures that building managers gain better visibility over the current and future performance of their buildings.

ARMS is developed and maintained in-house, which provides us the ability to customise reports, create data flows for customised dashboards, and integrate with your work order and asset management systems.

ARMSonWeb allows you to easily identify the most common faults in your property portfolio