Careers at Grosvenor

Ben Gough


As a new employee, Ben Gough joined Grosvenor in January 2017 as an apprentice.

Why do you love working with Grosvenor?

I really enjoy learning from the other technicians, some of which have been in the industry for many years and have a wealth of experience for me to learn from. Due to the size and national presence of Grosvenor there’s potential for me to vary my roles and responsibilities to grow and further develop my skillset.

What career growth opportunities have you had at Grosvenor?

On my first day at induction I was inspired because I was told that people start off being an apprentice and if they work hard they can become a manager one day like many apprentices before them.
I had the responsibility of making an app and working in a group to help Grosvenor find a better way to process maintenance orders.

Describe working at Grosvenor in 3 words?

Knowledge, Experience and Friendliness.