We provide a fully integrated service offering that is focused on achieving tangible outcomes for your facility. Our full suite of core technical services for HVAC, Fire and Electrical assets are augmented by a range of advisory services focused on asset validation, condition auditing, sustainability and analytics. These are offered to customers requiring support for both new and existing buildings.
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Core services
Advisory services

Core Services


Grosvenor maximises your Return on
Investment (ROI) with an integrated approach
to proactive maintenance. This whole-of-life
approach minimises breakdowns, improves
occupant comfort, reduces running costs and
extends asset life.


With a range of preventative, semi-
comprehensive and comprehensive options
to suit any building, we offer a full
end-to-end solution including:


• Annual asset audits
• Performance benchmarking
• Budget planning
• Proactive versus reactive maintenance



In the event of a breakdown, our priority is to deliver fast service when and where you need it. With a national network of over 400 technicians, 77 apprentices and 25 engineers, across 19 offices, Grosvenor gives building managers peace-of-mind when it comes to repairs and call-outs.


With 25 years of in-house design and engineering capability, we bring value to each stage of the project management cycle – from concept through to detailed design and modelling, to implementation and end-of-life support.

Building on our wealth of data and knowledge about the performance history of assets, we deliver innovative, industry leading design solutions with a focus on improved total cost of ownership and full lifecycle performance.



We have an extensive history in construction fit-out projects. We can reconfigure base building HVAC, Fire and electrical assets to suit the spatial requirements of your business operations. Be it for energy efficiency or occupancy comfort, fit-outs are designed with your outcomes in mind.


Our dedicated construction team have been supporting our customers in their refurbishment projects – upgrading and/or retrofitting old and obsolete HVAC, Fire and Electrical assets – significantly improving a buildings performance, energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Advisory Services


One of our key differentiators is our team of dedicated Auditors, selected from our most experienced technicians with a minimum of 8 to 10 years’ experience to provide you with the most extensive knowledge. Our auditors consistently capture more data on each asset than any other service provider.


We can customise your maintenance schedules to suit asset lifecycle and individual requirements. Unique asset identification allows our technicians and engineers to inspect/test/maintain and report on each asset individually.


Grosvenor can also complete specific fire audits where required.


We provide a range of sustainability services including:
• NABERS target setting and assessment ratings
• Building Energy Efficiency Certificates (BEEC)
• AS/NZS 3598:2000 Energy Audits
• Customised services include energy efficiency workshops, measurement and verification of energy efficiency opportunities and independent evaluation of energy saving products


GEMS – Grosvenor Energy Management System

Our in-house sustainability experts assist and support Building Owners and Property Managers by reducing your energy consumption, utilising our own Energy Management software – GEMS. This provides assistance with NABERS Energy, water ratings and BEEC, potentially saving in excess of 10% on your energy consumption.


Grosvenor Analytics challenges the status-quo with a pro-active, data-driven approach to building maintenance activities. With algorithms based on the extensive library of performance data acquired over the past 25 years, the Grosvenor Analytics platform delivers you with greater visibility and the ability to optimise the performance of your equipment and systems.


Think of Grosvenor Analytics as your own ‘virtual technician’ – with 24/7 health checks, diagnosis and predictive solutions for optimal building performance.