We are Grosvenor Engineering Group

We are a leader in technical asset management in the commercial space, maintaining and servicing HVAC, Fire, Electrical and other systems for clients nationally. When it comes to outcomes for our clients, we don’t just do the norm, we redefine the norm.

We go beyond the norm to help you optimise your operations

Through our Advisory Services in sustainability, analytics and auditing, we can help you achieve NABERS Green Star Rating, energy efficiency and optimal performance of equipment and systems.

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We lead the way with data-driven building solutions to enhance outcomes for customers

Our approach means we are able to improve service delivery, lower overall costs and reduce energy consumption across our clients’ portfolios. We achieve this through a range of bespoke proprietary technology solutions, associated support tools and reporting systems in which we collect and analyse the data produced from the entire ecosystem of a building.

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Latest News and Views

Cyber securing operational technology

The need to protect buildings with a cyber security system can be correlated to the increasing profile and volume of...

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Data driven maintenance

For many building owners, maintenance costs are a necessary evil. However, the growth of data-driven maintenance (DDM) means that buildings...

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Natural Refrigerants

Grosvenor Engineering Group (Grosvenor) is the first major technical services company in Australia to introduce a dedicated natural refrigerant technology...

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