Grosvenor Engineering
brings smarter buildings to life

Grosvenor is passionate about bringing smarter buildings to life and creating long-term sustainable value for building owners, managers and their occupants.

An Australian-owned company established in 1994, we have grown to become a leading building services provider with over $2.2 billion of assets under management across 16,800 sites nationwide. With a proven history of delivering real business outcomes to buildings by making them safer, more comfortable, productive and energy efficient – at the lowest possible cost.

Grosvenor has developed a powerful asset maintenance and lifecycle management ecosystem. Our key differentiator is that we don’t just service assets, we study them, to find ways to reduce total asset lifecycle cost.

Not only does this have less impact on the environment, it’s better for the bottom line too.


The Grosvenor Difference

Grosvenor Engineering Group redefines the status quo with a data driven approach to proactive building maintenance.

With a long history and culture of continuous improvement, Grosvenor wanted to develop a process of proactive asset maintenance and life cycle management. This process is called the Cycle of Service Innovation (COSI). The COSI delivers superior outcomes for clients by turning data into knowledge via our Data-Knowledge-Action methodology.

Grosvenor has made significant investments in developing bespoke software (together with the support tools and reporting) which collects and intelligently analyses the data produced from the entire ecosystem of a building. There are a number of data streams including building management systems, energy metering and field service tablets. This data can then be analysed down to a granular level and, more importantly, can be linked to expenditure for every individual asset.

No other provider comes close to matching this capability.

  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

    A key differentiator is that we don’t just service assets, we study them, to find ways to reduce total asset lifecycle cost. Grosvenor delivers building managers improved visibility, service and optimisation over the performance of their assets. This allows the building manager to focus budgets and effort on the assets and buildings that need it most.

    This results in:

    • Improved energy efficiency and lower running costs
    • Better comfort and less complaints
    • Minimised risk of major equipment failure, thereby extending asset life.
  • Measurable Continuous Improvement

    Grosvenor’s philosophy of continuous improvement is embedded in everything we do.  The powerful asset maintenance and lifecycle management ecosystem allows Grosvenor to continually benchmark and improve asset performance.

    This results in:

    • Identification of the assets that require the most attention
    • Minimised risk of major equipment failure, thereby extending asset life.
    • Reduction in maintenance costs, breakdowns and call outs
    • Ongoing improvement in KPIs
  • Budget Aligned to Client Investment Strategies

    We understand that every property portfolio is different, and investment strategies may change over time. The lifecycle of a building is an important consideration when developing future maintenance plans for your assets.

    We work with property owners to develop a customised service profile – with a recommended mix of maintenance, breakdowns, pro-active repairs and capex – to suit any budget or investment goal.

    This also takes into account lease terms, planned major refurbishments, relocation or divestment of assets.

  • Guaranteed Service Quality

    We understand that the comfort of your tenants or customers and minimising down-time are paramount. That’s why the Grosvenor national service network is there to help you wherever and whenever you need it most.

    Our Specialist team of technicians are supported by technical experts:

    • National Service Managers for HVAC, Fire and Electrical
    • Client account managers
    • Local offices and management
    • Centralised 24/7 call centre
  • Creating Data Out of Knowledge

    Grosvenor’s Data-Knowledge-Action methodology helps building managers make more informed decisions with user-friendly dashboards and reporting.  Our industry leading tools  – Asset Resource Management System (ARMS), Grosvenor Energy Management System (GEMS) and Grosvenor Analytics  – transform asset data into knowledge to better manage your assets.

    Features include:

    • 24/7 remote monitoring of all sites and assets
    • Web-based business intelligence dashboards
    • Automated and exception based reporting

The Grosvenor Ecosystem

We are passionate about creating smarter buildings and the Grosvenor Ecosystem brings together the best asset management technology with a national service delivery platform.

The Grosvenor Ecosystem is built on the foundation of the Data-Knowledge-Action methodology. With over 685,180 assets under management, Grosvenor has the most extensive asset management database in Australia. Together with Grosvenor technology, the information from this data is used to drive better whole-of-life performance outcomes.

Our Services

Grosvenor Engineering offers an integrated end-to-end solution for Building Services.

Core Services include maintenance, repairs, design, fitouts and refurbishments.In addition to our core services, we also offer a range of advisory services across both new and existing buildings. These include auditing, sustainability and analytics.

Core Services

Advisory Services